Review + Swatches: E.L.F. Flawless Finish Foundations!

Hey guys! Today, I will be doing a review of the E.L.F. Flawless Finish Foundations from their Studio line. They have SPF 15 and are oil-free. The foundations also have a slight scent that might be irritating on super sensitive skin, but I didn't have much trouble with it.

The two I have to show you are Sand and Buff. (shown below in that order) They are both 6 dollars each, and don't come with a wide color range (Hence, the reason why I had to order 2 to match my skin tone. There are 6 shades in total). The packaging is quite heavy and is not travel-friendly. The pump is also an inconvenience because it dispenses way too much product and is hard to work with.

So for this foundation, you literally need a tiny dot for your whole face as it is very pigmented and thick. This is a high coverage foundation and like I said, is extremely thick and quite hard to apply as well. I tried it all with multiple brushes, sponges, and just fingers but the results all come out the same- cakey and very greasy. Although it does last for a long time, it oxidizes throughout the day, does not help with oil control, and is pretty difficult to remove.

I don't recommend this foundation for dry or flaky skin because it will end up accentuating it even more and create patches on your face. On oily skin, it starts to melt off throughout the day. And yes, even with a primer and set with a powder, it makes your face very greasy and oily. Honestly, if someone were to use this, I think it'd be good only on camera applied in a highly strategic way in order to make your face actually look good with this foundation.

Here's the swatch again in a different lighting, to show you the actual color difference between the two. (yes my arms are tanner than my face)

So overall,
-Good for camera/filming only

-Very thick and greasy
-Hard to apply
-Not for either oily, combination, or dry skin
-Packaging is too heavy and pump out way too much product
-Has a slight smell that might be irritating
-Hard to remove
-Not much color choice

 Long story short, I have to say I'm overly disappointed with these foundations and will not repurchase again.

**I know I may have been a bit harsh with this review, but I'm just being completely honest- These foundations were not worth the 6 bucks I paid for and quite honestly, I wouldn't even purchase this for a dollar. That being said, I absolutely love the E.L.F. Cosmetics brand and enjoy a lot of their other products. It's a shame that I didn't end up liking this foundation as I do with their other products.**


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